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Your Weekly News from Lithuania | January 29

Professor Marija Gimbutienė - globally recognised scientist and archeologist, January 23rd was her 100th birth anniversary. For this reason, 2021 is named the year of Marija Gimbutienė.
Between Archaeology and Feminism: Great Goddess in the Work of Marija Gimbutas

February 11   |    Online

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Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis: Human rights violations can neither be tolerated in Moscow, nor Minsk, nor Hong Kong

On 25 January, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis attended the Foreign Affairs Council meeting. Ministers discussed the EU's response to the detention of Alexei Navalny, the strategy for sharing COVID-19 vaccines with our eastern partners, transatlantic relations in the light of the inauguration of the new U.S. President, the situation in Venezuela, Hong Kong, and other foreign policy issues.


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EUR 10 million to be invested in Manufacturing Innovation Valley in Vilnius

The Manufacturing Innovation Valley will open doors in Vilnius to provide a platform for small manufacturers, start-ups, technology developers, and researchers to carry out manufacturing activities, create digital innovations and prototypes, and test their innovative ideas. It will offer the right facilities, manufacturing equipment, and expert advice in around 20 different technological areas. Lithuanian and foreign businesses and individuals are welcome to join the Valley. Approximately EUR 10 million will be invested in the Valley.



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Giant snow sculptures pop up after snowstorm in Lithuania: from octopuses to an ice Ferrari

30 mind-blowing photos of snow sculptures in Lithuania, made by ordinary people after a heavy snowstorm.

Lithuanians don’t get heavy snowfall every winter, but when they do, they get really creative. After the country was hit by a snowstorm on Wednesday causing traffic disruptions, sunken roofs and a snow cover of 30 centimetres, people were quick to start sculpting. Surprisingly, a 4-meter tall snowman was just the beginning of it all.


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Biotech Startup Droplet Genomics Raises €1 Million From Practica Capital To Commercialize Droplet Microfluidics Technology

Droplet Genomics, a Lithuanian biotech startup, has today announced that it has raised a total of €1M in a Seed funding round led by Practica Capital, with contribution from Angel investors.

Droplet Genomics is a Lithuanian biotech startup that aims to commercialize droplet microfluidics technology. Owing to its unparalleled throughput, droplet microfluidics enables researchers to study single cells and single molecules. Experiments performed at such resolution, allow scientists to uncover new facets of human biology, diseases and speed up drug discovery research.


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Vilnius celebrates city's 698th birthday with a light spectacle across the city

|    Credits @ Vilnius City Municipality

London fintechs flock to Lithuania post-Brexit

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, several prominent London fintechs have announced plans to relocate or create new headquarters on the continent.

Revolut, Curve and, most recently, Yapily have all declared that properly serving their existing client base will depend on expanding operations and creating new offices outside of the UK. Interestingly all three have chosen the same location: Lithuania.



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14 projects by Lithuanian architects, including ‘Paupys’, nominated for an Oscar of Architecture

The list of the best creators participating in the most important European architecture competition include quite of few Lithuanian names. In 2021, as many as fourteen out of 400 possible nominations were awarded to the works of Lithuanian architects in the prestigious ‘Mies van der Rohe’ awards organised every two years. This number is higher than ever before.


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Jan 29 2021

Weekly News from Lithuania, January 22

Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis talked to EU Ambassadors via virtual discussion, highlighted the importance of the EU's values-based leadership


On 21 January, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis talked to the EU Ambassadors in Lithuania via virtual discussion and stressed that, in response to global challenges, the EU’s foreign policy needed to be value-based.

“The European Union must find ways to help Eastern partners obtain access to COVID-19 vaccines. It is not only the principle of good neighbourliness. It is also a geopolitical issue and a problem of the EU's credibility,” said the Foreign Minister.

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Mission completed – Lithuania transferred the lead of the NATO maritime group to the Netherlands

Lithuanian Navy officer Commander Audrius Venckūnas handed over the command of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1) to officer of the Royal Netherlands Navy Commander Dr. Jan Wijchers. The Lithuanian Navy was in command of SNMCMG1 from summer 2020.

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Lithuania: your Fintech gateway to Europe    |    Credits @ Invest Lithuania

CSR in Lithuania: a study in getting it right

The ethical merits of Corporate Social Responsibility have long been established. But the benefits of CSR go far beyond what the famous economist Milton Friedman once referred to as mere “window-dressing”. <...>

Within this context then, it should come as no surprise that CSR is playing an increasingly more important role within the companies that comprise Lithuania’s growing GBS ecosystem. The numbers provide strong evidence of this: statistics compiled from Lithuania’s Business Services Report 2020 show that the share of GBS centres conducting CSR activities doubled from 38% to 76% between 2018 and 2019. Drilling down further, it must be noted how different and broad these CSR activities have become.


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The first position on Facebook is video content created by Lithuanians

First place on Facebook’s social network and 2.1 billion video views. Crafty Panda, the Lithuanian online magazine Bored Panda video channel, whose DIY content is primarily being created in Vilnius, can be proud of such achievements in November.

These are impressive but expected results. This is how Tomas Banišauskas, the director and founder of Bored Panda,evaluates the leading position on Facebook and billions of video views.

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Klaipėda FEZ joins the civic air quality monitoring initiative

Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ) has installed the air monitoring hardware and software, integrated with the city’s community information platform www.klaipedoskvapas.lt. This solution will contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment as well as the wellbeing of Klaipėda’s residents. It will also facilitate more accurate identification of odour sources.

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NanoAvionics’ built satellite for Aurora Insight to fly on SpaceX’s Transporter 1 mission

The nanosatellite for US-based Aurora Insight, integrated for launch with Falcon 9 by Exolaunch, will measure and map the radio frequency spectrum

NanoAvionics, a leading nanosatellite bus manufacturer and mission integrator, has announced that the first of two nanosatellites, built and integrated for US radio frequency spectrum and wireless data provider Aurora Insight, will be part of SpaceX’s “Transporter 1” rideshare launch onboard a Falcon 9.

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Dr. Rima Budvydyte, one of the L'Oreal Baltics program For Women In Science awardees,
is a Senior research fellow in the Institute of Biochemistry at
Vilnius University Life Sciences Center    |    Credits @ L'Oréal Group


Photo of the Day: Lithuanian Naval Force minesweeper Kuršis
|    Credits @ Lithuanian Armed Forces

Setting up a back-up Lithuania. Reimagining future past with Nova Lituania


The film Nova Lituania, explores a geographer’s idea of a “reserve Lithuania” on the eve of the Second World War. Alexander Langstaff reports for New Eastern Europe, partners of LRT English.

It is 1938 and distinguished Lithuanian geographer Kazys Pakštas predicts the end of the world. Hatching a plan to set up a “back-up Lithuania” abroad, he fails to convince anyone except the country’s solitary prime minister.



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Top Magical Places in Lithuania


Time to reveal a secret: there are some truly unexpected ways to make your wishes come true in Lithuania.

The new year brings along fresh dreams of success, happiness, or love. While some of them require hard work, others need a slightly different approach—a drop of magic, for instance. Together with the tourism information centers, the national tourism development agency Lithuania Travel reveals a secret: there are some truly unexpected ways to make your wishes come true.


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How Lithuanians Conquered the World: The Case for a Migration Museum

Think of great names in the history of sport and science, film and fashion, and Lithuania isn’t the first country that springs to mind. But did you know that Manchester United Football Club, the fashion scene of swinging ‘60’s London, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and even the Beatles all share Lithuanian claims to fame.

As we know, Lithuania was once a mighty kingdom stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea – a fact often overlooked today. In the post-Soviet period, it was common for Lithuania to lose its separate identity altogether and be lumped in with Estonia and Latvia as the ‘Baltic states’ – often accompanied by patronising terms too, such as ‘tiny’, ‘plucky’, or ‘former Soviet state’.


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Highlight of the Week
Press conference of the Foreign Minister regarding the arrest of Alexey Navalny

Photo credits @ URM/J.Azanovas

Jan 23 2021

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