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January 13th – Day of Freedom Defenders


Once I visited @thermofisher in #Vilnius, one of the leading units of global ThermoFisher Scientific operations, I was eager to see HQ of a firm ally of #Lithuania, our #LifeSciences industry and @invest_LT. Thank you for that! And thank you @gianlucapettiti for invitation!


11:57 AM - 9 Jan 2019


Today candles were lit in the MFA to commemorate the January Events that happened in #Lithuania between 11 and 13 January. 28y ago unarmed Lithuanian citizens resisted #Soviet aggressors, who used special troops and tanks, and defended their freedom. #NeverForget

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11:14 PM - 10 Jan 2019


The best traditions remain the same, snow is guaranteed! I am looking forward to greeting our friends and allies from both coasts of the Atlantic at the annual #SnowMeeting2019 tomorrow for very timely and topical discussions on the transatlantic unity and our common security.


5:28 AM - 9 Jan 2019

Lithuania commemorates 13 January as the Day of Freedom Defenders to honour those killed during the Soviet aggression in Vilnius in January 1991. The Soviets then attempted to overturn Lithuania's legitimate administration that had declared independence from the Soviet Union on 11 March 1990. Fourteen people were killed and more than 1,000 unarmed civilians were injured during the attack of the TV Tower and the Lithuanian Radio and Television building by the Soviet army and special units in early hours of 13 January 1991.

To commemorate the victims of January 13th and all those, who stood up to defend their freedom, the Forget Me Not campaign is taking place in Lithuania and abroad, promoted by Lithuanian embassies. People are encouraged to physically wear badges of forget-me-not flowers and/or decorate their Facebook profiles with a temporary frame. Another tradition - the commemorative run "The Way of Life and Death ", dedicated to the victims of Lithuanian freedom in 1991. The run is organized for 28th time; the route starts at Antakalnis cemetery to the TV tower. Saturday evening, traditional bonfires will be lit in the Independence Square near Seimas, by the Vilnius TV Tower and the Lithuanian National Radio and Television Building


Foreign Minister L. Linkevičius receives Ukraine's Book of Kindness

On 10 January in Vilnius, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius met with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, who came to take part in the traditional Snow Meeting of security policy experts.

The two Foreign Ministers discussed topical issues of bilateral cooperation, items on Ukraine's European agenda, and international policy. P. Klimkin briefed L. Linkevičius on the situation in Ukraine, consequences of Russia's ongoing aggression, situations in the Azov Sea and the Port of Mariupol. More

Support to NATO by Lithuanian people – at its highest of five years

86% of the population are in favor of Lithuania's NATO membership which is the highest percentage in the past five years. A similar number of respondents (83%) approve of NATO allies' presence on the territory of Lithuania. The data was gathered through a public opinion poll carried out by request of the Ministry of National Defence in December 2018. More

Lithuania is taking over the leading role of the EU regional migration process

In 2019, Lithuania is succeeding Czech Republic in leading one of the EU regional migration cooperation platform – Prague Process. Takeover of the leadership was officially announced during the Prague Process Senior Officials' meeting that took place in Prague on 17-18 of December 2018. More


Minister of Economy: Lithuania can lead the world in Life Sciences

"The Lithuanian Life Sciences sector grows by 20 percent yearly, and major international companies clearly see this progress. Nevertheless, Lithuania still has plenty of potential to grow further, and we only need another 5 large-scale investors to become the biggest life sciences center in the world. The Ministry has prepared a Life Sciences sector development strategy, which aims to create even better conditions for such companies. Such leading players as Thermo Fisher, Sicor Biotech, among others, are investing in new regions, thus not only creating jobs, but also significantly contributing to the development of the Life Sciences ecosystem." - Minister of Economy and Innovation Virginijus Sinkevičius More

Icelandic payment entrepreneurs establish HQ in Vilnius

Paystra, a fintech company founded and financed by Icelandic payments experts, providing payment services, is establishing its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, and plans to build a team of 30 professionals over the next two years. The company, led by two payment market veterans, will develop and deploy state-of-the-art electronic payment solutions for European merchants. More

Most Startup Friendly Countries In The World: Lithuania 24th

Magazine's Startup Ecosystem Ranking ranks 50 countries across five categories: human capital investment; research and development; entrepreneurial infrastructure; technical workforce; and policy dynamics. Lithuania ranked 24th on the list coming in right after Japan and Netherlands. More

Culture and Events

January 13th commemoration concert "In Memoriam"

On 12 January a concert will be held in the Church of St. Johns called "In Memoriam" meant to commemorate and remember the events and victims of the January 13th.

The concert will start at 20:00 and is free for everyone. Furthermore it will also be broadcasted live via Lithuanian television.

Free Museum Sundays in Kaunas

Starting January 2019, every last Sunday of the month means free entrance for everyone to a long list of museums all around Lithuania. The new initiative by the Ministry of Culture is a continuation of a programme that kicked off last year to guarantee free entrance to museums for schoolchildren. Now, their families can join them, as well as everyone else interested in that. More


Jan 17 2019

Weekly News From Lithuania Month Of 26 January 2018






Lithuania on the final straight to OECD membership

At the World Economic Forum President Dalia Grybauskaitė met with Ángel Gurría, Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The meeting focused on Lithuania's progress towards OECD membership and the implementation of fundamental reforms necessary for accession and for the general well-being of the country and its people. More.


Davos: focus on innovation and scientific progress

President Dalia Grybauskaitė, currently attending the World Economic Forum, met with Dr. Fabiola Gianotti, Director General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) who is one of seven women, representing the political, economic, scientific and academic elite, who was entrusted with formulating the World Economic Forum’s main theme, topics for discussion and selecting discussion leaders. More.


Second Lithuanian rotation to be deployed to the United Nations-led Operation MINUSMA in Mali

On January 26 a deployment ceremony will be held in Panevėžys for the second rotation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Force Protection Unit sent to serve in the UN-led stability operation MINUSMA in Mali. The second Force Protection Unit rotation includes 34 professional military service soldiers and soldiers with the 5th Territorial Unit, Vytis Military District, National Defence Volunteer Force. They will replace their colleagues from the 6th Territorial Unit, Resurrection Military District, National Defence Volunteer Force, and serve as part of the German Contingent in the area of operation. Lithuanian soldiers’ task in the operation is to ensure force security within the military base compound in Gao province, eastern part of Mali. More





UAE expands list of Lithuanian food product imports

The United Arab Emirates has expanded the list of Lithuanian food product imports to include bovine animals, birds, chicks, hatching eggs and fodder, the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service said. More


Klaipeda port leads in Baltics in terms of container traffic

 The Lithuanian Klaipeda port was in 2017 the leader of the Baltic states in terms of container traffic. More.



 Passenger traffic via Lithuania's airports rose by 9.6% in 2017

Lithuanian airports served a total of 5.246 million passengers in 2017, which is a rise by 9.6% from 2016. In the fourth quarter of last year, 1.352 million passengers arrived and left Lithuania's airports, up by 16.3% from October-December of 2016, Statistics Lithuania said. More.




Embarking on a Centenary Expedition – with a Virtual “Guide”

The Department of Tourism invites us to begin the anniversary year by downloading a mobile application of the Centenary Route. From now on, a virtual “guide” will help you to search for a stuffed owl which used to be a pet of J. Basanavičius, a church built by a signatory using a barn’s planks, a monument cast from melted cents, villas which witnessed the stories of a resort town’s nudists, an apple-tree garden of A. Smetona or other distinctive features of the restored Lithuania. More.


Leading writers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania announced for The London Book Fair Market Focus 2018

The British Council, in partnership with the London Book Fair, the Estonian Literature Centre, Writers’ and Translators’ House, Latvia and the Lithuanian Culture Institute, announce today the Baltic Countries Market Focus Cultural Programme for The London Book Fair 2018, taking place10–12 AprilMore.



Baltic States to Jointly Present Themselves in 12 European Film Festivals This Year

The Baltic film institutions renewed the Mutual Cooperation Agreement at Trieste Film Festival. The addendum signed by Edith Sepp, CEO of the Estonian Film Institute, Dita Rietuma, CEO of the Latvian National Film Centre and Rolandas Kvietkauskas, CEO of the Lithuanian Film Centre envisages 12 joint film promotion projects spread throughout 2018 in celebration of the three countries’ statehood centenaries. More.


Curator Milda Batakytė presents a group exhibition at the 12 Star Gallery in London

Lithuanian curator Milda Batakytė will present a group exhibition "Coming to Terms with Sociotechnical Discrepancies" at the 12 Star Gallery in London on the 6th of FebruaryMore.


Jan 27 2018

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