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Lithuania’s styles of architecture reflect the sociopolitical and religious past of the country. While most people in urban areas live in Soviet-era blocks of concrete apartment buildings, the countryside is dotted with traditional wooden churches and houses. Also present are fort-like structures and castles built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as residences for the local nobility. The Old Town of Vilnius has been restored and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Monument. Folklore, folk traditions and mythology are the roots of Lithuanian art. Folk art tradition continued longer in Lithuania than in many Western countries and for a long time it was the sole truly Lithuanian art. As such, it still inspires many people today.

Vilnius Cathedral
Hill of Crosses
Church of St. Peters and St. Paul
Trakai National Park
Church of St. Anne

Below are some of the cities and places to visit while in Lithuania;

  • Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval old town. But the buildings lining this district’s partially cobblestoned streets reflect diverse styles and eras, from the neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral to Gothic St. Anne's Church. The 16th-century Gate of Dawn, containing a shrine with a sacred Virgin Mary icon, once guarded an entrance to the original city. (please insert pictures of; Museum of Genocide Victims , Church of St. Peter & Paul, Gate of Dawn.
  • Klaipėda, historically also known as Memel, is a city in Lithuania on the Baltic Sea coast. It is the third largest city in Lithuania and the capital of Klaipėda County.
  • Palanga is a seaside resort town in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania and has beaches of sand and sand dunes, botanical gardens, parks, tennis and fishing. (please insert the palanga amber museum image together with this article about it : The Palanga (Amber Museum, near the Baltic Sea in Palanga, Lithuania, is a branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum. It is housed in the restored 19th-century Tiškevičiai Palace and is surrounded by the Palanga Botanical Garden.)
  • Trakai Historical National Park is a national park in Lithuania. It was designated in 1992 to embrace the historic city of Trakai, some 25 kilometers west of Vilnius, and the forests, lakes, and villages in its environs.
  • In the city of Siailia, lies the legendary Hill of Crosses planted in the 19th century, the cross are said to represent devotional, memorial and also some were finely carved folk-art masterpieces for display.


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